Nate Bott ("John") studied classical voice music theory and cello as a child and started playing rock n roll at age 15. Nate released five albums independently and was signed to Atlantic Records with his band, Big City Rock. He toured the country with his original band. Nate is a lifelong Beatles fan.

Chris Paul Overall (“Paul”) is a Long Beach based critically acclaimed singer/songwriter. With a vocal range that easily tops four octaves, his melodic, hook-driven songs and narrative lyrics, “CPO” has become one of Southern California's premier artists.

Chris was the lead singer of Orange County award-winning band Wonderlove. He played guitar and keys for Sony/Columbia artist Sara Overall and fronted Johnny Vatos’ Boingo Dance Party featuring former members of Oingo Boingo before playing the role of “Paul”.

Zak Schaffer (“George”) has been a fixture on the Los Angeles music scene for over a decade as a multi-instrumentalist. The UC Berkeley graduate has toured with Pete Yorn and Minnie Driver.

Zak first heard “Roll Over Beethoven” at the age of eight has been a die-hard Beatles fan ever since.

Last year, he recorded his second album, Part Of Your Collection, playing every note and completing it in a week

Axel Clarke (“Ringo”) teaches high school by day, but at night he slips on a wig and a Liverpudlian accent and plays “Ringo.” Axel holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in percussion performance from Cal State Long Beach.

Axel endorses Zildjian cymbals, Yamaha instruments, Evans heads, and Innovative sticks.

Murphy Martin ("Brian Epstien") rocketed into this world 26 years ago with the gift of storytelling. Murphy received a BFA in Acting from the California Institute of the Arts. Since moving to Los Angeles a year ago, he has appeared in short films, feature films, web series and has worked as a joke writer.

He feels fortunate to portray such an interesting and complex character, a man so poised and ambitious, yet troubled and alone.

“At the age of 26 and without any experience in band management, Epstein followed his intuition and dedicated his life to bringing The Beatles to the world stage,” said Murphy. “And he changed each and every one of our lives in the process.”

The Producers

Co-producer and manager Tom Maher, was part of the management team for such world class acts as Guns N' Roses, Slash, Blind Melon, Zakk Wylde, Danzig, Leon Russell, John Jorgenson and My Little Funhouse. Maher is still currently in management not only for Abbey Road, but is also a part of the management team that represents Motorhead, Sepultara, Zebrahead, My Vitriol, as well as up and comer's Orange, the UK's Obsessive Compulsive, and Finland's Icon Crash.

Co-Producer Andy Nagle has been involved in live theater for many years and is a three time award winning producer. Nagle has also produced over thirty five other live productions as well as serving on the Board of Directors for several theaters and currently is overseeing a theater residency at a 350 seat venue in Whittier, California. Nagle started the La Jolla Booking Agency in 2008 and is active in overseeing many acts. In addition, Nagle is a California attorney and was a partner in three large California law firms. His specialty was as a trial lawyer with a long history of many victories under his belt. Nagle is a Law Review graduate from Southwestern University School of Law.